Fire Keepers Memories, LLC User Agreement

Fire Keepers Memories, LLC (hereafter referred to as FKM) website and mobile app is a web application designed to store stories along a timeline in text, audio, video, and picture form.

FKM and their moderators and administrators reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse or remove any content or comments which we deem offensive or not aligning with our guiding principles of kindness and respect for other users.

FKM’s business model is based on subscription revenue. Failure of member to pay annual subscription costs will result in disabling of links to submitted content. FKM reserves the right to permanently remove any or all stories from website or app if subscription payment is not made within 90 days of subscription renewal date.

While FKM will provide backed up storage for stories on our site, subscribing member agrees to hold FKM harmless and not liable in any way for any loss of submitted content or material for any reason. FKM strongly advises members to personally back up and retain any content or material submitted to site.

Member agrees that FKM reserves the copyright to use any content or material submitted and made public on site for marketing purposes or for any other legal way they choose. Member warrants that member is the copyright owner of any content or material submitted or is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright.

Fire Keepers Memories will allow cancellation of subscribers membership at anytime. We will refund your single year subscription cost for any reason, if requested by email, within 14 days of payment date, provided that no content has been uploaded to the Fire Keepers Memories site by customer requesting refund.

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