Wahlstrom Family Xmas Party 2018

December 15, 2018
  • Public Memory

Oh how I miss the days where my grandma Sears’ home was a meeting ground. I miss walking in and someone always visiting. I miss her home cooked meals and her always welcoming, always smiling face. It seemed as though we had family dinners often. And by family, I mean 20 or so of us hanging out in her home on any given weekend or night after work. 

Being together with our family has quadrupled in size and we now need to rent a hall to get together. This year there were over 100 of us hanging out at the senior center in Buchanan eating dinner, talking and getting some much needed family time. Santa came to visit and the babies smiled. 

I keep telling Donnie that when our home is finished, I’d love to make our home the meeting place for dinner and hang outs, even if it’s only twice a month between busy sports schedules and growing kids. 

Life isn’t always easy, but having a family who always has your back…that makes everything all right. 

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