Memories of Lyle and the Huebners

September 1978
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I found some old hunting licenses. The oldest was from 1978 when I was a junior in high school. If you read the memory I have called “Shooting at Phillips Pond”, that was the license that was on my back when I met the CO!!

I was especially surprised to find some hunting regulation pamphlets from Huebners Gun Store! 

I purchased my first deer rifle, a Remington 30-06 from Lyle back in the fall of 1980. His shop sat across the street just east of our old Police station downtown.

I didn’t know it then but his grandkids would become dear people in my life.

 His granddaughter Courtney was the enforcer on the girls floor hockey team that my daughter played goalie for. I coached that team with Mike Hankila back in the 90’s which traveled to Windsor Canada and won the Championship at the International Tournament that year. Like her Grandpa, Court was not someone to mess with. Sweet as honey, but don’t get on her bad side!!

My daughter Caryn spent a few months married to Lyles grandson Brad back when he was serving in the Marines. Both were too young to marry at the time and have gone onto great marriages with fantastic partners. Because one of my very best friends, Chuck Letcher, is Brads uncle, we see each other regularly. 

Brendan and I have been on numerous dove and wildfowl hunts across the country with Brad and his Dad Leonard. 

Bren was always partial to Brad because Brad took Bren under his wing as he went through the “old men” initiation as a young hunter. Even though Brendan was a young kid, Brad treated Brendan like a man. It’s not every kid that has a big bearded Marine greasing the wheels for him. For that and many other reason that young man has always had my respect.

Brad now lives with his wife Michelle (who also happened to be a star athlete I coached). They have built a beautiful home on some property his Mom Kim inherited from her folks, the Letchers, out on Main Street north of Buchanan. His home now sits on ground his Uncle Chuck and I hunted as teenagers.

It’s funny how memories can make you ramble. Sure doesn’t seem like 40 years ago.


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