Christmas Memories of Grandpa Hinton

December 1980
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My Grandpa Hinton was a quiet man. When he wasn’t working at his job at Whirlpool he would be working in the fields behind his house.

I used to love walking in the black dirt that he would till up for a garden, behind the tall evergreens that served as a border for his backyard.

While it seemed he never stopped, there were those times on Sundays or holidays when he would take a break and you would see him ease up a bit.

Christmas time at Grandma and Grandpa Hintons was magical. Grandpa would set up a train around the bottom of the tree which was lit with large bulbs and covered with tinsel. A football game would be playing on the tv and the smell of fresh baking would fill the air. 

One tradition that Grandpa had was to have coconuts and large oranges under the tree. I never knew exactly why but surmise it had some relation to the Bible or his faith.

My grandparents had a piano and both my Mom and her baby sister Barbie were excellent players and singers.

Late in the evening before presents were opened the tv would go off and as they played, we would all join in on singing the Christmas songs.

Grandpa was a quiet man but the love of his family was never in question and he did all in his power to provide for them.

The picture accompanying this memory was of him and my Uncle John looking at a Christmas gift back in the early 1980’s.


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