When you lose it all

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I had when my external hard drive read. “not readable.”  My entire photography business, every client photo, all of my files, every image I had taken of my children over the last three years along with my youngest child’s baby pictures (all of them) and our home videos.  Gone.  All I have left are some images I had moved to the trash bin on my computer after I thought they’d be safe on my hard drive.  


I reached out to a photography group I’ve been a part of begging anyone to help walk me through how to fix it.  With each comment, my hope had turned into tears and the realization that it probably wasn’t possible.  One photographer mentioned a data recovery company, the best in the industry so I quickly reached out to them.  The price to recover some, most, possibly all of my files ranged from $700 to nearly $6,000.  My heart sank.  This isn’t something you plan in a family budget nor is it something you ever think will happen to you.  I consider myself a professional photographer, a techy, knowledgeable about keeping files safe.  I didn’t do enough, and I paid the ultimate price, the price of losing all of my images.  

My business files are replaceable.  I’ve built this business from the ground up and I can do it again.  My images on the other hand, can never be replaced.  I’ll never get those moments in images back and that feeling hit like a ton of bricks.  

Had I just taken the time to load each image as they happened to Fire Keepers Memories, this hard drive failure wouldn’t have been so crushing.  Had I spent less time loading a couple of them to Facebook and more time adding all of them to a place that truly mattered, I would still have them.

As a photographer, I am an advocate of printing photos to hold in your hands.  I still feel that way, however I know that life happens.  A home fire, water damage, a lost family album…our entire life story in visual form hinges on disasters never taking place.  But what if it does?  What if something happens?  Do your images and stories have a backup plan?

One day, these images will be all that we have of a loved one.  They’ll be the only images our children will have, and they’ll cherish them more than anything on earth.  It is our duty to make sure they are safe, that they are backed up and are available for generations to come.  

Don’t wait until you’ve lost it all to see the power of documenting your life on Fire Keepers Memories.  


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