Hi, my name is Paul Dodson.

My family and I created the Fire Keepers Memories website and mobile app as a way for families and friends to share memories. You can record those memories as videos, pictures, or in stories which describe your lives and those of your ancestors.

Many of us share a strong desire to know more about our “tribes” history. We consider our “tribe” to be our family, friends, and community members, both past and present. They are the people that share our lives and help to guide us on our path.

As we get older, we often think of past loved ones and long for pictures and stories of them. Many of us think about how great it would be to hear their voices again. What a treasure it would be to have these memories accessible in one easy to access spot, to share with generations to come. Just imagine the content available for your descendants if a memory timeline was started for your child.

Our website and app provide a simple “user-friendly” way for members to add memories via pictures, videos, and stories, where they can be stored on a timeline and be retrieved quickly by date, story title, category, and name of those mentioned in a story.

A popular feature of our site is that other members can receive notifications on our app when they’ve been mentioned in a memory. This memory will be added to that member’s timeline and will become part of their catalog of memories, adding richness and color to our personal histories.

Here is how it works:

  • Submit a memory using video, pictures or audio.
  • Create a title.
  • Select a category.
  • Provide an estimated date for when story occurred or use present date default.

Some of the most popular memory submissions are when someone uploads an old picture and describes who is pictured and what was occurring.

Once submitted, your “memory” will be added to your timeline. They can then be shared publicly or privately with members of your family tribe.

People have asked us, “Where did the name Fire Keepers Memories come from?”

Well, throughout time, family and tribal oral history has been passed down through stories told around a campfire. These storytellers were the Keepers of the Fire and their memories helped keep the flame of family and community traditions alive.

As we age, the duty becomes ours to keep these fires burning by passing along our tribes stories and experiences. Memories you submit now will become heirloom treasures in years to come!

Join the tribe and become a Fire Keeper!